About us

Christmas Night is designed to bring fun and happiness to the family as we prepare for the big day.

Whether you are here to do some Christmas shopping, discover some festive recipes, learn how to make decorations, or just have some fun, you are very welcome.

Christmas Night

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Why is it that the coming of Christmas fills us with so much joy? Why do we gladly start getting ready for Christmas when the time comes? Why are we always ready to practice Christmas songs and to learn our Christmas recitations? Have you ever thought of why you like these things? Maybe you would simply answer that it is because you just enjoy them, and that you like to do them because they bring you joy and happiness. For we always love to do the things that give us pleasure.

Where does this pleasure—this joy and happiness—come from? It doesn’t just come out of nowhere, like a breath of wind. We all know that joy and happiness are very real things, things we feel, and so we know that they exist. And if we think a moment, we will remember that all joy and happiness come from heaven. They come from the presence and nearness of the angels. This is true of Christmas joy as well as of any other joy or happiness which we may feel.

Here at Christmas Night, we try to bring you everything you need to help your Christmas be a time of joy and happiness.